Squashing and Giving a Good Commit Message

feature(dogs): added dogs to the game: <ticket ref>

Most important piece is the ticket ref, so you can look…

new pull request from branch

You are on your feature or bug branch, and are ready to get it merged. Great work! Now the real work begins.

Attach the relevant ticket to the pr

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In every single repo, a sweeping, opinionated, minimally customizable linter/auto-formatter should be used.

For typescript/javascript: standardjs or prettier fit this bill.

The linter/auto-formater should run when you save the files you are editing, this needs to be setup in your editor, and is easiest to do nowadays in vscode. If you choose not to use vscode, you will need to spend time getting your editor to do this.

The linter should run in cicd and fail the build if there are any issues

Benefits of this:

  • speeds up pr process
  • ensures all code is formatted the same across developers
  • speeds up dev time
  • prevents ever needing to argue about formatting

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For all repos, including the game, there is only one long-living branch: main. You typically should never be on this branch. Even when starting a new project/repo, it is best to make a branch off of main after the initial commit.

The two main branch types are Feature and Bug…

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